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Book Reviews ~ The Adventures of Pookster and Bubs...

Completely and utterly adorable!  Pookster and Bubs are an adventure waiting to happen!  The stories are fun, easy to read and tucked inside each book is a biblical truth that is like a seed waiting to be planted into the hearts of your kids. 

I am blessed to run our Kids Ministry at church and I can not wait to bring these books in so that I can share Pookster and Bubs with the kids in our community.  These books will make a great addition to our church library or to any home that has kids underfoot!

The audio CD is a nice bonus to the book as well.  Hearing the author and her children share their books in their words make it even more special! The illustrations are bright, fun and engaging...the kids at my church are going to l.o.v.e these books!


Meet Pookster and Bubs in this delightful new children series that makes learning the fruits of the Spirit loads of fun! Turning real life lessons into practical life applications-author Rhonda Funk brings to life God's Word in a way any young child can relate.

In The Adventures of Pookster and Bubs - Pookster and the Unloose Tooth, children learn patience and what it means to wait on God's timing. Pookster is a little girl who just happens to think that teeth are highly overrated and that keeping them in too long can be hazardous to your health. Bubs is her big brother who would be perfectly okay if a tooth NEVER came loose!

Pookster prays each night that God would help her lose her teeth, but apparently He has something different in mind. Taking matters into her own hands one crazy night, Pookster and her big sister decided that her un-loose tooth COULD come out with a little help. What happened next, (to the horror of Bubs) was a tooth extraction of a slamming door kind- and a real life opportunity to sing “All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth.”

Spring has sprung, Easter has come and gone, but Pookster hasn't seen much of her two front teeth. She's TIRED of eating apples and leaving rows, or eating her spaghetti noodles and not being able to cut them off. Now she's begging for God to bring back her chompers. It's funny, she wanted so badly to lose them, but now she just really wants them back!

Too bad Pookster has to learn the hard way that sometimes it’s better to wait on God than it is to do things on your own!

The Adventures of Pookster and Bubs is a new fantastic way to encourage children to apply God's Word to their lives. Lesson by lesson kids will learn from the mishaps of Pookster and Bubs, and what it means to make good choices and how to practice obedience.

We're all looking for fun ways to teach our children about God. We're also looking for something to play in the car that won't drive us crazy! Singer/Songwriter and Publicist Rhonda Funk has opened up a whole new door to learning that even parents will find entertaining. Sunday school teachers will love the practical application and the way kids relate to the stories, and parents will love the adventures as they relate to their own children and household. The 5-9 year old will most enjoy this series.

Complete with an audio narration by the author, this series features the voices of Rylee and Ryan Funk (Rhonda's own children-the original Pookster and Bubs) as they tell one hilarious story after another. Such a likeable series-you'll be waiting on the next release!

Author Rhonda Funk has done it again with book two of The Adventures of Pookster and Bubs-Pookster and the Practically Perfect Pickle, a delightful new children series that makes learning the fruits of the Spirit loads of fun! In this story, Pookster learns that much like a pickle, her words can be sweet or they can be sour.

Pookster thinks that pickles are a wonderful treat-they are nice and crunchy, sort of sour and nearly perfect, (other than they're a vegetable and look like they're covered in frog skin!) Never-the-less, she is very protective of her pickles. So when her brother Bubs brings his toy soldiers to the table during her pickle eating break, she thinks they are there to swipe her green treat and take it to their leader. Planning for the battle of Kosher Dills, Pookster assumes the worst, and does what any normal little girl would do...however, Pookster's choice of sweet or sour words will mean the difference between keeping her pickle…or losing it to Mommy forces!

Poor Bubs, caught in the crossfire is stunned at her response! After all, he was just playing soldiers! Pookster decides she should tattle on her big brother, but Mom has already seen the whole thing. Pookster is about to learn a valuable lesson when it comes to her Pickle Protection Program, and how a pickle can disappear, just like that!

This silly story about an over-protective pickle eater teaches a valuable lesson on kindness and how our sweet words glorify God, but our sour words hurt people. 
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