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Godly Gals ~ Crystal Rodli

Job Chapter 1: Would God Bet on Me?
By: Crystal Rodli

I've been thinking that I want to be like Job.

Now, don't write me off as spiritually pretentious or insincere. I'm not pretending to be desirous of Job's trials so that I can develop perseverance and Christ-like character. I don't want my kids to die and I don't want to spend my days in a pile of ashes, scraping painful sores with a potsherd. I guess I'm just not feeling that spiritual.

But Job had a story before the one recorded in the Bible. There must have been a unique depth and substance to his relationship with God. When the validity of God's relationship with mankind was challenged by Satan, God thought of Job.

The indictment was this: A person's faithfulness to God depended entirely upon material blessings and physical protection. Even God's most faithful of servants would turn their back on Him if those things were taken away. In other words—people didn't really love God; they were only using Him (Job 1:10-11).

For reasons unknown to us, God chose to answer this charge and disprove Satan's spiteful and wicked claims. It was good, in God's sight, to demonstrate before the angels that the relationship between God and man was legitimate.

And for this purpose, He thought of Job.

8 The LORD said to Satan, "Have you considered My servant Job? For there is no one like him on the earth, a blameless and upright man, fearing God and turning away from evil." Job 1:8 (NASB)

Now Job didn't have it all figured out—his theology was a little off. But he was willing to admit when he was wrong. The bottom line is that God saw something in his heart. God trusted him to remain faithful. Job's life prior to this drama in the heavens had revealed a sincere and enduring love for God.

I don't wish for trials.  I've no desire to be tested by Satan, but if it came down to it, I would want God to think of me. I want Him to be able to say, "Have you considered my servant Crystal?"

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I live in the Pacific Northwest with my handsome, charming husband of 12 years, our 18-year-old adopted daughter, two curious blond-haired, blue-eyed boys and a beta fish named Benjamin. I homeschool, teach ladies’ Bible studies, and am in constant danger of becoming addicted to blogging. I am passionate about learning the heart of God and sharing it with others. I enjoy writing, hiking, photography, and TRAVEL!

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What an incredible gift you have given us today Crystal.  I'm sure most of us have read Job lots and lots of times, we've maybe even experienced some "Job-like" times in our life, but to take an extra minute to dig a little deeper to see what God must have seen in Job is like a giant ray of sunshine!  Thank you so much for your words today!  What a beautiful gift!

Two weeks...oh my two weeks it will be the one year anniversary of the Godly Gals series.  I can not even begin to tell you how much each of these Godly Gals have blessed me (and hopefully you too) with their words.

Thankfully this is just the beginning...God has some more incredible things in store for the Godly Gals series and I'm looking for more "Real Women, Real Life, Real Faith" in action stories.  

Please take the time to prayerfully considering joining the ranks of the Godly Gals by sending me an email at melsworldministry {at} gmail {dot} com just to get some more information on how to get started.

I'm looking forward to another amazing year with each of you!

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