Friday, April 18, 2008

I am...

Right now, I am...

drinking coffee (again)
supposed to be working
waiting for the kids to get home
tired and a tad sleepy
looking at the mess I call a desk
getting ready to turn some praise and worship on to listen to
abnormal (will post more later)
a Daughter of the King
blogging (yet again)
wishing I could visit more bloggy buddies
trying to figure out how to build a button for my sidebar
did I mention that I am supposed to be working (thank goodness I own my own business)
just finished with Speak to My Soul Sunday's post
going to get back to work...
goodbye! ;)

What are you doing right now?

16 Mel's World Friends Comments:

annie 3:51 PM  

i am...
holding izzy
doing some computer work
listening to news conference
waiting for kids to get home from school...

Have a great Friday!

Mari 4:15 PM  

What a fun post! Just for your information - I always knew you were abnormal but I love you anyway!
I am:
Supposed to be cleaning
thinking about what to have for supper
taking a "quick" minute to check my google reader
doing laundry

Jennifer 4:17 PM  

Reading your blog, silly!

Just Mom 4:54 PM  

wondering how you finished your sunday post already.

Denise 5:42 PM  

Right now, I am visiting your beautiful blog my friend.

AlaneM 5:43 PM  

Ugh, I am sitting here reading blogs when I have a ton of things on my to do list. Otherwise known as a typical day :)

A Stone Gatherer 6:29 PM  

I am...
Just home from my daughters last swim class.
Reading your blog and others.
Cooking dinner.
Hopefully having a campfire later. The first of the season!

ValleyGirl 10:08 PM  

Avoiding dishes and thinking I'd love to help you with that button!

sassiekiwi 10:16 PM  

I am
sitting in Caribou Coffee with my computer
Thinking ...
writing ...
trying to finish something started months ago for my blog ...
contemplating my upcoming summer travel to Greece, USA and wondering if my standbys will come through to get to NZ ...
Answering work emails ...

Did I mention I am random!

Holy Chaos 10:27 PM  

I need to be studying. I have two exams this coming week and finals the next week.

okay, so now i am going to study...

maybe after reading just one more blog...

then maybe another...

Becoming Me 10:39 PM  

I am taking a deep breath from a long but wonderful day.

Ivy Vega from 11:12 PM  

Posting on my blog.
But I should be loading my dishwasher and getting ready for bed......

Melissa @ The Inspired Room 12:04 AM  

Supposed to be heading downstairs to watch The Office with hubby. Sidetracked trying to say hi to as many of my best blogging friends as possible! eek, gotta run!

Happy weekend!

freetofly 4:43 PM  

Melissa, you left such a kind and powerful comment on my blog last week. I read it to my husband and told him "this is why I blog!" Earlier that day I had told him I was wondering if I should quit blogging...

Thank you so much for being such a sweet encourager! I KNOW that you have done this for many!


Love this post btw! And I am tagging you! :)

Anonymous 6:56 PM  

Right now I am doing basically nothing... I think it's the first time in about a week. Oh, and it feels wonderful! :) And if it were earlier I too would be drinking coffee. :)

SharonB 10:28 PM  

Right now I'm trying to get caught up on reading my favorite blogs! AND I'm trying to get better - been pretty sick since Wednesday night.

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