Monday, March 31, 2008

Ft. Myers Beach

We are getting ready to get back on the road...I wanted to take a minute to share with you some of the pictures from the first night (Saturday) of our vacation.

We are heading north to Orlando this afternoon (yep...we are headed to Orlando, it's about a 3 hour drive from where we are...remember, we are really south in the state).

When I get a chance I will post some pictures from the beach yesterday! Let's just say it was FAB-U-LOUS! The sand is so incredibly soft, there were NO clouds in the sky, and there was a great breeze the entire time (that is so important in a long beach day!). We also got a nice tan (ahem, burn), so we decided one full day at the beach was enough! (Ha...seriously...we are talking about a UV rating of "10" yesterday).

I wish you were all here with us...

Here's our Home Away From Home - "Seawatch on the Beach" in Ft. Myers Beach (absolutely precious place to stay...everyone is so nice and friendly)

Here are the boys enjoying the warm ocean water at sunset (this angle's for you Bonnie)

Here's the view of the amazing Sunset Saturday (3/29) night.

Soaking up the Sun,

17 Mel's World Friends Comments:

Melissa @ The Inspired Room 12:33 PM  

I don't know if I should feel depressed or happy to see these! I've chosen to be happy. For you!

I'd love to go to the beach where it is warm. We tried to drive to "our beach" a couple of days ago and had to turn back because of a snowstorm of all things.

I want to go to Disneyworld! NOW!


Terri 1:02 PM  

Oh, it looks just gorgeous there. I love the "bonnie" shot.
I nice breeze and no clouds in the sky - you can't ask for much more than that!

Cheri 1:09 PM  

Beautiful. I was there in January and loved it too.
Can't wait to see more pictures. Have a great time.

Cheri 1:10 PM  

Beautiful. I was there in January and loved it too.
Can't wait to see more pictures. Have a great time.

Curiosity Killer 1:32 PM  

*sigh* Sunsets photos... *sigh*

Monkey Giggles 1:37 PM  

I wish I was there too!!!

Soak up some sun for me.

Denise 1:57 PM  

Awesome pictures, I love the beach.

Cheryl 2:07 PM  

Oh how I wish I was there with you!!!
I love the beach and besides we had a couple of really nice spring days and all of the sudden it turned cold on us again!!! And I'm in south Ga., it's not suppose to be cold!!!
I'm ready for summer!

nickernoodle 2:08 PM  

I wish I was there too. We got 2 inches of snow today. Still trying to find a good reason on why I still live here.....

Mari 3:59 PM  

What a gorgeous sunset! I'm glad you're having a good time and good weather.

Rhonda 4:43 PM  

I have been to Ft Meyers Beach. I was there with my cousin. The two of us did a girls trip to Florida in 1986 before she got married. We flew to Sarasota (in February). We decided it wasn't warm enough, so we rented a car and started driving south until we saw the temperature get high enough. We ended up at Ft Meyers!!

A Stone Gatherer 7:26 PM  

OOHHHH! I so wish I were there! The sunset is beautiful!

Anonymous 7:41 PM  

Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hello and we appreciate all the prayers out there! If you get a chance can you please go to and vote for Tristan in the Fierce Baby Contest?! Thanks and stop by again

SharonB 9:32 PM  

So beautiful! Mel it looks like you had perfect weather!

Bek 2:16 AM I miss that beach!!!!!! Where exactly do you live in Florida, because I lived in Naples, which is three hours south of Orlando! We took a vacation there a few months before we had our first daughter, but given the state I was in when we went, we didn't get to do much amusement park hopping :)

Ally 9:41 AM  

This looks so beautiful... It´s hard not to be envious! I am sure you are having a great time and I am glad that you are having such wonderful weather!

justabeachkat 11:36 PM  

Can I just admit that I'm slightly jealous?! I love going to Orlando. Have fun for me.


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