Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Mashburn's and Monster Jam

When you're the mom of BOYS this is what your weekends look like...
Boys as far as the eye can see...(mine are the 2nd and 3rd ones in this picture)

Oh yeah, it was Monster Jam weekend here in Miami, FL.

Holy smokes...it that cool or what?

Here's another amazing moment...

You can't go to Monster Jam without seeing GRAVE DIGGER, can you?

And, now...that's what you call a great Monster Jam!!

Monster Jam and Baseball...that's what we did ALL weekend!

I am off to Louisville, KY tomorrow
for 22 hours (business meeting) and looking forward to visiting my grandmother (she's 85), please pray for my safe travel and a successful business meeting. (thanks!)

I will post the PIT notes tomorrow after I land in Kentucky!

Just now getting my hearing back,

12 Mel's World Friends Comments:

Monkey Giggles 10:05 PM  

Oh my...girl we are in the same boat. My weekend was "International Car Show"

Travel safe -- I say a prayer for ya.

Denise 10:27 PM  

Prayers are surrounding you my friend.

SharonB 10:46 PM  

Praying for safe travel.

Being surround by boy/men! Yes I remember those days of football, baseball, nascar, basketball, soccer, monster trucks, track, the ER, stitches, broken bones, mountain bikes etc....

Oh there were moments when my heart longed for the sweet smell of a baby girl, dressed in pink and curls! :-)

justabeachkat 12:59 AM  

Boys will be boys!

Safe travels sweet friend!


A Stone Gatherer 6:34 AM  

Loud and alot of crashes! Kind of like a Nascar race! That's what we do in our family! Have a safe, successful time on your trip!

Terri 9:44 AM  

Wow, that is a typical boys adventure! My husband will work shows when there are monster trucks. What a guy thing. The girls and I would rather spend the night doing manicures or watching "princess movies!" Have a safe trip!

Praise and Coffee 11:17 AM  

Now THAT's fun!
We start traveling soon with the motocross world and I can't wait to smell the fuel again...not really- but it is fun!

melissa @ the inspired room 12:07 PM  

LOL, that is what I was worried about when we found out we were having a boy...now that he is seven I am opening up to a whole new (strange) world...


CrownLaidDown 12:46 PM  

Praying for you, Melissa! I missed last week...so sorry. Have a wonderful time in KY.
In Him,

freetofly 3:14 PM  

Isn't it loads of fun to be the mother of wild & crazy boys?

Have a great trip, and I am praying for you!

Looking forward to hearing about it!

God bless!

Mocha with Linda 5:21 PM  

Funny! Reminds me of when I was in high school and went with my boyfriend's family to the Thrill Show & Destruction Derby at the Houston Astrodome. Talk about a pile of metal!!

Hope your trip is going well.

Mel's World 10:44 PM  

Thank you all for your prayers...I made it safely to Kentucky (just barely) and have had a night full of meetings and am looking forward (not really) to jumping back on that plane tomorrow morning to go back to Ft. Lauderdale...it is TOO COLD in Kentucky right now. (30's, windy, raining, and gusts of wind and storms...eek!)

I already miss my boys and would love to be there with them right now, even if it meant watching more Monster Truck movies! (Gotta love your kids stuff, ya know!)

Take Care and God Bless,

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