Monday, February 18, 2008

Extremely Proud Niece

Oh my goodness!!! Did y'all watch the Extreme Home Makeover last night???

It was in Kentucky, and for all of y'all that didn't already know this I was BORN AND RAISED just south of Louisville, KY, so this was a BIG deal in our house!

Now, that is not the only reason it was a BIG DEAL at our house last night. My Uncle Pete (his real name is John...long story) is actually the architect that designed that house!

Can you say, "Fab-u-lous!" Uncle Pete is the baby of the family and in a family of eight that can be a tough place to be. He is a great guy and we are all so very proud of him!

If you haven't watched it yet go online and see if you can still watch it. It is absolutely incredbile! The house is amazing (of course), but the story of the HUGHES family is truly inspirational!!!

Take some time right now to check it out...just make sure to bring a lot of tissues!

One proud niece,

16 Mel's World Friends Comments:

Mari 9:56 PM  

I watched it and it truly was inspirational. We were talking about it at work today. Your uncle did a great job! The Hughes family was wonderful.

Anonymous 10:21 PM  

That is so cool! Yes I did watch it and I cried. What a fantastic house!! I loved that he added a apartment for him in the home. That was so cool. Your uncle is a great designer!! You should be proud:) He should also be proud to have such a Godly woman for a Niece:)

Monkey Giggles 10:45 PM  

I have not watched it YET. I'll go check it out. But can I still do a happy dance with ya.

Bonnie 10:51 PM  

You're famous !! Uh, ok maybe not quite ... I just got caught up in all the excitement !! tee hee

Denise 11:52 PM  

Wow, your uncle did a great job sweetie. He is a wonderful designer.

justabeachkat 12:00 AM  

Congrats to your uncle. You should be proud!


Anonymous 11:33 AM  

We had it on DVR and the kids wanted to play it yesterday (out of school for President's Day). We all watched together. What a WONDERFUL story and a GREAT house!

Joy 1:03 PM  

YES - I did watch this. It was so good. I know you are so proud!


Terri 1:36 PM  

I loved it. The house was great and the whole story was fabulous. You have reasons to be proud - please pass all the thanks on to him.

freetofly 3:38 PM  

Well, I have added it to my Tivo, so when the repeat comes on i can see it! I love that show & have been missing it lately & meant to add it a while back!

You know me & dial-up, we go way back! :) So, there won't be any web views for me! :(

But, I am proud with you! I can't wait to see it!

Btw, I meant to tell you thanks for getting that song stuck in my head! Love is a Battlefield that is! LOL! :)

a fellow 80s chick!
Maria ;p

Melissa @ The Inspired Room 7:46 PM  

Oh, I wonder if we recorded it. I'll have to go see!

Yeah, I'm with the commenter Maria on getting Love is a Battlefield stuck in her head. I keep humming it. BLECH. I didn't like that song in the 80's and I still don't like it.

Happy day! (oh, got your email, haven't responded yet because I am sick with the flu, I got behind today...)


Tiff 9:47 PM  

WOW! I'm impressed! amazing story of the Hugh's family!

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Holy Chaos 10:50 PM  

That is lIndsey's(my 5 year old) favorite show!

I saw it last night. What a cool house.

annie 11:38 PM  

I boohoo'd all the way through it! I sobbed when the dad was wheeling his son around the field to be in the marching band. It was so touching & the house was amazing!

Laura 12:18 AM  

We caught the end! It was way cool and I cried like a baby! How amazing for your uncle to be a part of that!

SharonB 11:02 PM  

How wonderful!! It's a show we don't often miss!!

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