Thursday, January 3, 2008

Random Observations

Here are some random COLD weather observations from South Florida...are ya ready?

This is in honor to all my friends NORTH of the Florida state line who are enjoying this "cold front" that is blasting through Florida...I know you will all appreciate this!

1) Anything below 70 degrees in South Florida constitutes COLD weather

2) Living in South Florida totally warps your view point on COLD weather (see item #1)

3) South Floridians don't generally have COLD weather clothes so we add layer upon layer

4) We forget that when the temperature drops that means you may actually have to turn on the heater in your house.

5) Addition to #4 - you also forget that the heater hasn't been turned on in years and it totally stinks when it kicks on (smells burnt...then you wonder if the house might burn down just from that nasty smell, or is that just me?)

6) COLD weather makes getting out of bed SO much have spent hours in the COLD bed trying to make the perfect snuggle spot! Turn off the alarm...I love the snooze button, don't you?

7) When you do finally get out of bed and make it to the bathroom in record time you completely forget that the toilet WILL be freezing and suddenly you are wide eyed and ready for your day.

8) When you go to wash your hands and face you forget to turn on the WARM water first and now are REALLY wide eyed and ready for your day!

9) At this point you just want some coffee and comfort and you pick up whatever clothes might be lying around and keep adding them on to your body (remember that layer comment in #3)

10) When you finally get dressed and head out for the day you bundle up the kids and run to the car. When you get in the car you see that the temperature is at nearly freezing (55 degrees) and thank God that you are not living up North right now.

This is sad, but this is an accurate account of my day today...thought you might get a chuckle out of it!

Stay warm, laugh a lot, and take care,

17 Mel's World Friends Comments:

SharonB 11:17 PM  

Melissa - This post had me laughing! I get it! I lived in Fla for 5 yrs and remember it being 55 and freezing!
Which reminds me...I really should call my mom, who still lives there(Lakeland), and make sure she is staying warm!

Mari 11:41 PM  

I'm sorry you are still cold. It is really cold here too! There is hope though - it's supposed to warm up this weekend. Hopefully a little warm air is coming your way.

justabeachkat 12:13 AM  

I can so identify with this! Brrrrr!

Cute post.


Praise and Coffee 6:53 AM  

Smile, why do you think I am up most the night? I have a tiny bladder and then I'm wide eyed and ready for the day!
You crack me up!

Momma Roar 7:41 AM  

LOL - I'd love to be in a warm place right now! I just got up and its 16 degrees outside. (I'm in PA)

The crazy thing is we are leaving shortly to go further north - to Vermonth - to ski. I think 16 is a high!! HA!

Cute post!

eph2810 8:27 AM  

I had to chuckle, because that is what happens here in AZ when the temps dip below 70 :)

Blessings on your day and weekend.

Monkey Giggles 9:22 AM  

You should have taken a picture of your fashion "layer" statement. lol

Now that's funny.

Smiles and warm hugs to ya

nickernoodle 11:44 AM  

Today we are hitting record highs in SD of 28 degrees

There are about 6 inches of snow on the ground right now.

I have to keep spreading salt on the ice to keep my adventerous 3 year old from sliding across the ice by our back door.

I only had to put one layer of sweaters on today.

The poor dogs water was frozen over so we had to drag out the heated water bowls for them.

Why do I live here again?! :)

That should make you appreciate your "cold weather"!!!! Have a great weekend!

Terri 2:08 PM  

You are funny. It's amazing how we adapt to different weather. Even in Michigan - 50 degrees can mean such different things if it's in April or September. Hope you make it through your cold spell.

Heather Orr 3:25 PM  

Being new to winter in Atlanta, I did not know that scarves are NOT just a fashion accessory!! I also didn't know that you must have a good pair of gloves and that you need to get in your car 10 minutes before you actually want to leave in order to warm up your car. How I miss Fort Lauderdale!!!

Thanks for the laugh :) Love you!

Heather :)

Karolee 4:07 PM  

Ha! Sorry - still not relating to your cold Florida. It actually makes me smile knowing my sisters who moved to Florida to escape the bitter winters are a bit chilly right now (that's my evil side coming out).

Hope it warms up soon for you! If not - let me know and I'll send you some mittens. :-)

Linda 4:47 PM  

So Funny. We are in the south but are having some pretty low temps at night. I believe we hit 16 the other night. Here there is a short fall and a short spring it goes straight from hot to cold.

Susan 9:24 PM  

My son went outside yesterday and saw frost on the lawn he thought it was snow. It cracked me up!

:-) Susan

Anonymous 10:42 PM  

I wish I were there with you! It was in the single digits here the other night. I am such a cold weather wimp! We don't have it too badly in TN, but I wouldn't mind being in Florida right now!

Julie 11:08 PM  

I remember our first "winter" in Miami. I was from Chattanooga, TN, originally so I was used to somewhat cold winters. My husband and I went to the Miami Zoo one day and it was around 55 - 60 degrees. There were women in down jackets, gloves, hats, scarves, the whole gamut of "winter garb". We got quite a chuckle out of that. 55-60 was a very mild winter day where we had moved from, yet to the Floridians it seemed to be a bitterly cold day.

It was good to read you post. I have just started blogging again and am enjoying it. I'd love to have you stop by and visit my blog.


freetofly 1:34 PM  

You are a hoot, Girl! You have me cackling up here!

I like them all, but, I think number 8 takes the cake!

Hopefully, you are feeling some comfort in the warmer temps today!

Heidi @ GGIP 9:13 PM  

I know that every year my furnace smells weird when I turn it on the first time, so I can imagine it must really do a number when it has been years.

I hope your cold snap is over soon.

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