Thursday, January 24, 2008

My Cozy Corner

My good friend Hope, over at Monkey Giggles, has this game going on right now where she is having everyone "share" their Cozy Corner. has taken me a bit (of finageling, it is not a real word I know) from dear sweet hubby to get this pic on my laptop (I usually google the pics or have dh send them to me in an email), but here it is. The year before last we redecorated our outside covered patio and turned it into a "Relaxation Room". This is my absolute FAVORITE spot to read my Bible, talk about serious stuff with God and my man, and also just go and think.
If you would like to join in on this you can go on over to Monkey Giggles to see the other Cozy Corners...
I would love to see your cozy corner. You can post on your blog and I will be over to visit with you. As a matter of fact let's make this fun. Link to this post, sign the Mr. Linky below, and leave a comment to let me know you're sharing.

On Monday Jan 28th at 9 AM* (Eastern), I'll randomly pick TWO winners from the Linky List to receive a fun prize package. So let us see your cozy corner.

I can't wait to see where you guys go to seek God, get away from it all, or just hang out to think for a bit.

Going back out to my Cozy Spot,

13 Mel's World Friends Comments:

Mari 6:17 PM  

Looks like a great corner to read, study or just be cozy!

Monkey Giggles 7:05 PM  

I am soooooooo jealous. You get to be outside. I love the idea of calling it your "relaxation room"

I would love to be sitting there with ya.


Jennifer 7:43 PM  

Is it heated? Or is it just always warm enough in your world to be in an outside room? If that is the case, I am so jealous.

Deb 7:49 PM  

Ohhh, what a comfy chair and ottoman!!! love the design on the cushions very nice:)

Mel's World 8:13 PM  

It IS...I love it out there...we have a bunch of WILD parrots out in the yard behind our house and I love going out there and just listening to them cackle all day!

It has been the BEST gift we have ever given to each other. It used to be our "exercise equipment bone yard". This was a much better use of space.

Jennifer, is always warm enough to be out there. Right now it is running around the upper 70's. (I know, I know...)

When it gets chilly (like in the lower 60's) we bring out some blankets to use while we are out there.

melissa @ the inspired room 9:05 PM  

Hi other Mel! I just popped in for some inspiration. I LOVE my cozy corners. I have a couple of them, but this is my most favorite (I don't know how to do your linky thing, but I'll just give you the link here so you can get a peek). I show this spot often on my blog as it is my special spot to just BE! Blessings!

Bonnie 11:01 PM  

I just took my photo(s) ! I'll be posting them soon ! :)

Denise 2:31 AM  

I like your cozy corner.

nickernoodle 12:17 PM  

Looks cozy to me!

Lauren@Baseballs&Bows 1:16 PM  

What a wonderful spot! I can see why you would want to spend time there!

Jennifer 2:33 PM  

Come get your award.

A Stone Gatherer 7:32 PM  

I love your cozy spot! I'm with Jennifer I'm way envious (even though I know that's wrong!). Some day I want so badly a 4 season porch where I can go! I love to study out on the deck in the summer, but sometimes it rains or the bugs get to me! Some day I know my dear sweet hubby will make me one! I don't know how, but I know he will !

Nancy 10:06 PM  

Looks really cozy, I finally got mine posted too.

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