Friday, January 25, 2008

A Little Bit About Me...

(Disclaimer - I don't always like these little bunny guys, but this just seemed to fit perfectly with this meme, and he was cute!)

Jennifer at Nickernoodle's Nonsense tagged me for a meme so here it goes:

4 jobs I've had:
Customer Service Manager
Environmental Accounting (Account Manager)
Preschool Ministry Director
Pastor (Membership/Baptism/Small Groups)

4 movies watched over and over:
Mary Poppins
Pride and Prejudice (The A&E L-O-N-G version)
Hope Floats
Little Women

4 places I've lived:
Louisville, KY
Mt. Washington, KY (in the sticks)
Miami, FL
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

4 shows I watch:
Amercian Idol
hum...thinking still on that one

4 places I've been:
Just about EVERYWHERE in Florida (St. Augustine, Orlando, The Keys, Marco Island, Sanibel Island, St. George Island, Ft. Myers, you name it)
Las Vegas
The Grand Canyon (love it!)

4 people who email me regularly:
My husband, yep, it's true! (and we share an office together)
My mom
Blogger Buddies :)

4 favorite things to eat:
homemade chocolate chip cookies (there is NOTHING better than that!)
Mexican (cheese enchiladas)
chocolate (what woman wouldn't list that?)

4 places I'd rather be:
Tahiti (in a bungalow on the water)
Greece (always been a dream of mine)
Italy (yep, another dream of mine!)
In a log cabin at the foot of a mountain with a little creek running behind the cabin (ahhh!!)

4 things I look forward to this year:
celebrating my 15th Anniversary with Matt
my new travel business going even farther and higher than it is already going now!
summer with my kids (I hate it when they are in school)
traveling to new places on family vacations and having the freedom to have my weekends off

4 people to tag:
Denise at ShortyBears
Hope at Monkey Giggles
Linda at Mocha with Linda
Bonnie at Simple Beauty

If you'd like to do this meme too I would LOVE it if you would let me know with a comment so we can all come to visit and learn 4 Cool things about you too!!!

PS - DON'T FORGET to come back THIS Sunday for the beginning of "Speak to My Soul Sunday" here in Mel's World. It'd love it if you picked up the button and added it to your blog...who knows, maybe there will be a random drawing for a Starbuck's card for those who post it on their blog...hum...what do you think?

Take Care,

15 Mel's World Friends Comments:

Mari 5:08 PM  

That's a good list. I love Pride and Prejudice. I think I could travel with you and eat with you - I agree with them all!

Deb 6:27 PM  

I have your button on my blog, and I will be there Sunday:) I received this meme in my e- mail yesterday also. Well its good to know more about you, and YEAH!! to the CHOCOLATE!!!!

melissa @ the inspired room 6:48 PM  

Great list! You stole my favorite food list!

I've got to snoop around here and figure out what your travel business is. Sounds intriguing. I am a travel school dropout (little known fact). When I first graduated I really wanted to be a travel agent (as well as an interior designer) but when I realized I had to memorize the airport codes it was just too rough on me and I bid that dream goodbye. :-)


Mari 9:00 PM  

Stop by my blog to pick up an award!

Denise 9:48 PM  

I enjoyed learning more about you dear. Thanks for tagging me, I will post mine on my blog tomorrow.

Monkey Giggles 10:35 PM  

Hi Mel,

Thanks for the tag. I finally got mine up today. I have been painting the kids bedrooms. ugh. I am tired!

It's a surprise when they get home!


SharonB 2:23 AM  

Alway love learing something new about my friends! Thanks for sharing...

Just Juliana 8:21 AM  

hey Mel, That wa so cool to learn more abot who you are....I am with you with the chocolate..Jules

Just Mom 10:46 AM  

I L-O-V-E Jane Austen too, and your choice of movies are fantastic.

BTW, it's good to finally "meet" you too.

Mocha with Linda 11:37 AM  

What fun to learn more about you! And thanks for taggin me - I'll give it some thought and post it in a day or two. I am overwhelmed with all the attention I've received!

I'm putting your button on my sidebar and look forward to seeing what you have to say tomorrow.

And I L-O-V-E Starbucks! (Like that's a surprise, with the name of my blog. . . . .) But I never win drawings so, oh well. . . .

Denise 8:03 PM  

Come by my blog, I have 2 awards for you dear.

sassiekiwi 1:33 PM  

I did one so stop by!

Terri 11:22 AM  

I love reading everyone's meme's They are full of interesting little facts.
I want to go to the Grand Canyon with my family sometime too!

Katy 7:26 PM  

i LOVE the movie hope floats! one of my faves! :) I also would love to go to Italy..although i am not real fond of flying! LOL

Hope you have a great week!

Ally 5:07 PM  

I have seen this meme travelling around a few blogs and thought it was really fun to read yours! Maybe I will get around to doing it myself one of these days!!!!

I also have missed your visits to my blog lately!!! hint hint!!!

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