Thursday, December 13, 2007

Took a Break

Yesterday I was able to get together with one of my girlfriends that I haven't been able to connect with for a while. We keep putting it on the calendar and something ALWAYS comes, we tried again and luckily we were finally able to make it happen.

We started out at Chili's (LOVE IT!) where I chomped down their fabulous Grilled Caribbean Salad, drank tons of tea (unsweetened, of course!), and tried to catch up on all the comings and goings of our families over the last couple of months.
Then we headed over to Venetian Nail Spa for a special pampering...a "Spa Pedicure"!!! Yippee! It was just what I needed yesterday...time with my sister chick, a good healthy lunch, and a little pampering.
The only thing that would have made it better would have been to have a cup of Starbuck's in my hand!
I know that I should have spent the day finishing (or even starting...eek!) my Christmas shopping but I have FAITH (lots and lots of it!) that it will all get done! Again I am thankful for the gift of girlfriends...
I have lots more insight and thoughts on the gifts of FRIENDSHIP! Stop back by and see what else God has been showing me about the "Gift of Friendship".
What are some fun things that you like to do when you hang out with your girlfriends?
Thanking God for Girlfriends,

7 Mel's World Friends Comments:

Melissa @ Breath of Life 4:31 PM  

Your day sounds like my dream day with friends.

Love your new look!

Mari 6:24 PM  

It sounds like a great day! I was supposed to have a pedicure with a friend on Tuesday, but we had an ice storm and thought it wasn't worth driving in ice! We'll do it when the roads are better.
Good luck with that Christmas shopping!

Bonnie 6:25 PM  

Ahhhhh ... I'm relaxed after just reading about your day ! I love it when I get to catch up with friends that I don't see all the time ... it's often quite refreshing !

Monkey Giggles 10:08 PM  

Great friends are special gifts from heaven. Mel, it sounds like you had an marvelous time.

What do I like to do when hanging out with friends? hmmmmmm....well it depends on what friend I am hanging with. My friends fall within a wide range of age and interest. Ages 18-88 talking about boys, dating, and college to health issues, Grandkids and latest doctor appointments.

My younger friends I do more mentoring and the older ones I sit at their feet listening and being mentored to. It is beautiful how the Lord works.
Sorry to hi-jack your post. I'll be quite now!

Smiles and hugs

Natalia 10:12 AM  

Hello! Well I have to say... my birthday was on Monday and you know my best birthday gift was friends. I've truly been gifted with friendship! I love it! When we hang out... it's pretty cool to be able to do nothing and just chat...... eating is good! I'm having game night next week.... so we'll see how that goes!

Hope all is well with you... We're still on the book! :)

Kathy Herman 11:24 AM  

LOVE the new look of your page. It sure is eye catching! I love to have a day with my girlfriends. Unfortunately, I don't get to do it often because it seems like we are all so busy. Last night I had a girlfriend over for dinner that I haven't seen for a few years. We ate dinner, sat and talked and just caught up on what has been going on in our lives. Girlfriends are such a blessing and I thank God every day for the good ones that I have. Good luck with the shopping!

freetofly 6:18 PM  

mmm..I left comments here Saturday...they aren't showing...?

Love your sites new look!

I am so glad you got to have a good time with your friends! This is the sort of thing I love to is just not that season of life for me...

I stay in contact turn will come!

Grateful for where I am right now!

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