Saturday, December 22, 2007

3 French Hens...

Christmas has "OFFICIALLY" begun at the Mashburn home and I couldn't be any happier about it! Today is the day of "3 French Hens" (see below) and we have been blessed to have our house FULL of family (we love it!)
Last night we went over to my parents house (they live less than 5 miles from us) to open up our Christmas gifts. We usually do this on Christmas Eve, but my parents left today for Christmas in Kentucky (my grandmother has everyone over to here house and my parents are probably getting there as we read this together).
Here is a picture of me and my "little" sister...she's taller than me, does that count as a "little" sister? (We call her started when we were in High School together and never went away...kind of works for her!)
Here are my boys (Bailey and Nick) in front of Grammy's Christmas tree...little do they know we have another 5 gifts from Grammy hidden under our tree as well. HeeHee!
Here is the BEST gift my parents gave me...well, it is one of the biggest and best gifts they could give ME!!! It is a Keurig B-70 and it is sweet!!! I can't wait to open that bad boy up and start brewing. (We used to have one of these at the church I once worked at and it was the hit of the office...pretty cool machine!)

Today was just as cool with having my in-loves staying here with us and their English Bull Dog (check out my mother-in-love's web page at Views From the Back Porch). My brother in law and his family (Amy, Cory, Carly, & Cole) came over tonight (they are visiting from Alabama and stopped over on their way from Sanibel) to open gifts, have dinner, and play games (we are fierce competitors!). My sister-in-law and her family (Pat & Katie) are going to be here any minute from Alabama as is a great day!!!!

Praying you are all having an amazing Christmas season...

8 Mel's World Friends Comments:

Joylene Green 2:14 AM  

i loved seeing the pics!


Mari 11:24 AM  

That's quite a coffee machine - looks like you could start a coffee shop on the side! Love the 3 French hens!
Marry Christmas!

Just Juliana 12:02 PM  

Merry Christmas Mashburn Family. It lookd like you are already having a great one. Love, Jules and Family

Deb 12:48 PM  

Great pictures, you and your sister are beautiful. Great looking sons! I love the coffee machine!!!!! How cool!! I am sooo jealous, I want one. Have a great Christmas!!

Mel's World 3:20 PM  

Joylene, Thanks!

Mari, I could do just that, but I would want to drink it ALL! ;)

Jules, Merry Christmas to you all as well!

Deb, thanks you are so sweet! (It's not too late to add that to your Christmas wish list!)

SharonB 8:45 AM  

Looks like great family fun!

Hummm....I'll be over for a cup of coffee... :-)

Sue @ Praise and Coffee 9:07 AM  

You are adorable!!

Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!

Monkey Giggles 9:09 AM  

Mel, It has been wonderful getting to know over this past year. Your words have encouraged and touched my heart. May you and your family have a Merry Christmas.

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