Monday, November 5, 2007

Welcome to Mel's World!

Hey There…

I just wanted to take a minute to welcome each and every one of you to Mel’s World. I know that there are lots of you that just pop over and hang out a bit without ever stopping to introduce yourself…

Well…I would love to meet y’all!!! There are so many new “red dots” on the cluster map and I would love to be able to say HEY and properly welcome you to Mel’s World.

Come on…take a minute to comment, tell me who ya are, and where you are from!

It’s never too late to meet and get a chance to get to know each other. Thanks for stopping by...I hope to see you soon!

Don't forget to stop by and comment for a chance to win the 200th Post Blog Give Away listed here. The winner will be picked November 12th.

Be Blessed,

10 Mel's World Friends Comments:

Karen 3:02 PM  

Ok good idea. I live in Auckland New Zealand with my Kiwi hubby (since Dec 1998 I moved here). I am in fact British. I was born and raised on an Island called Guernsey which is nearer to France than England. So I'm a British girl.

Sue @ praise & coffee 9:30 PM  

Sue from Michigan, lived here all my life- recently talked about moving to Tennessee, but I doubt we will.
It might snow overnight tonight! Just a dusting and it will melt tomorrow, but Lauren is aching to wear her new boots.

We love snow this time of the year, but when February comes, we want to come down to Florida!

Blessings friend,

Mel's World 9:39 PM  

Hey There Karen,

I KNEW you would jump on this! Thanks for being the 1st one to come out and introduce yourself.

I would LOVE to be able to come down to New Zealand to visit with you...who knows, one day day!


Mel's World 9:45 PM  


Michigan is SO cold!!! I would love to see a "dusting" of snow...we opened our windows for the first time two days ago...we are enjoying love 70/high 60 weather...which is a nice change from year round SUMMER!!!

We talked about Tennessee as well...and I was born/bread/and raised in Kentucky!

We'd love to have you guys stop by when you come down in February...we can have a day long dreaming out loud PRAISE AND COFFEE/MEL'S WORLD day!!! (How stinkin cool would that be!)


sassiekiwi 3:58 AM  

Hi Mel

Just started reading your blog after Karen recommended it. I am from New Zealand but I have been living in South Korea for the past 7 years.

Nice to meet you



Natalia 3:40 PM  

Hello Ms. Melissa
You know who I am... I am the crybaby....! J/K I live in pembroke pines florida and I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Melissa at Flamingo Road Church. It was awesome. I have embarked on the Warrior Chicks bandwagon.... but NOW.... I have a small group on Mondays that we are starting all over and we just went over chapter that is why my blog is not updated as of yet.

Love Natalia

Sue @ praise & coffee 5:28 PM  

That would be very cool!
We are coming to Florida next week, we will be in Alachua, FL which is just north of Gainsville.
Wish we were closer to you!
In March we are down in Whitneyville, TX.

Someday we will get together!!

Laane 6:02 PM  


I'm Laane. Living in The Netherlands / Europe.

Nice blog you have here.

Mel's World 8:05 PM  

I just went over to your to your site...very cool coming in from South Korea. Thanks for coming into Mel's World for a little bit.

YEAH!!! Thanks for coming over to visit...I just came back from your site...LOVE the banners...they are awesome!

We are heading up through that part of the woods next Friday night (11/16) and early Saturday (11/17) morning on our annual trek to Alabama for Thanksgiving!

Welcome to Ft. Lauderdale, FL from the GOT to love the cool is that?!?! We are like neighbors in "blog-land"!

Vicki 8:18 PM  

hey thanks for visiting my blog, too, and leaving your pin on my map:-) Nice place you have here!

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