Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Wonder Woman Award???

HOLY SMOKES BATMAN!!!! Karen over at Karen's Ramblings has just knocked my socks off with this really cool award...it's called the WONDER WOMAN AWARD. (Hee Hee...I completely LOVE Wonder Woman)

Thank you so much Karen for honoring me with this...I am so looking forward to watching, listening, and learning some more from your ramblings.

The Wonder Woman award originated with Chrissy of This and That. Click on Chrissy to get all you want to know about this award.

Basically it is just another way to honor all the really cool chicks that are out there making a difference!

Now, I get the awesome honor to bless someone else...

Here are my nominees:
1 - Sue at Praise and Coffee
2 - Just a Thought Ginger
3 - Tammy - In Progress

The chicks that are listed above are some really cool ladies that I have enjoyed watching, reading, learning, and growing from just by keeping up with their blogs. Congratulations to these WONDERFUL WOMEN!

3 Mel's World Friends Comments:

Sue @ praise & coffee 9:15 AM  

OH my goodness girl! What a riot!

I used to LOVE Wonder Woman, watched her all the time.
So excited to share the spotlight with her! :)

Tam 10:11 AM  

Mel, this is so incredible awesome. I really mean it!

What a great way to start my day! You have certainly blessed me!

And yes, you most definitely deserve this award friend!!

So, I was just pretending to be Wonder Woman 3 days ago. She was my favorite growing up! This week I was going around the house humming the theme song to the show (you know you remember it) and then I was deflecting bullets from the enemy with my trusty metal wrist guards! The kids thought I was nuts! I am! =)

Thank you Mel!!!

~Just A Thought Ginger 11:06 AM  

You are just too kind! Does this mean I can now wear my costume in public?

Thanks for the award and just for the record, you ain't so bad yourself :) :) :)

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