Saturday, September 29, 2007

Friday Coffee Friends Book Group

I have something that I am SO stinkin' excited about and can't wait to tell you...we are going to be doing a "live!" Friday Coffee Friends Book Group here in the South Florida area, and then we are also going to be able to tie in you, our internet friends, into the Book Group as well.

Every Friday we will meet at 9am in a Starbucks in South Florida to discuss WARRIOR CHICKS (more info below), and then we will open it up with this blog for comments and internet discusssion. This is a great way to stay connected with friends and family who are out of the area.

We will start reading the book this week and will be discussing:

Chapter 1 on Friday, October 5th.

This will give us an opportunity to ALL be focused on reading, growing, and staying connected to our friends who are not in Florida...especially for Gezina's friends in South Africa (HEY THERE EVERYONE!). So, what do you below for more info on the book.

We are going to start a new book...WARRIOR CHICK, by Holly Wagner next week...we are giving everyone this week to pick it up and then we will take it week to week. Even if you can't join us, you can always read along, and post comments/questions on this BLOG.

You can go to amazon and pick up the book...

Let me share with you what the back of the book says...

"Some battles we choose, others choose us. The world is looking and waiting for a company of women who will rise in the midst of hard times. It would be so much easier to give in. And, yet, isn't there a part inside us all that longs to stand up and fight the battles before us?From her best-selling books GOD CHICKS and DAILY STEPS FOR GOD CHICKS, Holly Wagner identified and encouraged the cultivation of aspects of the God Chick within every woman. The subject of this exciting book is the "Warrior Chick" who realizes she is destined to be an overcomer as she faces challenges, is encourage as she realizes she is beautiful just the way she is, and is relieved as she learns how to equip herself to fight the fight. As Holly well knows from her experience as a warrior chick battling breast cancer, we aren't living in peacetime and we can choose to be either a casualty or a warrior. What's it going to be?"

13 Mel's World Friends Comments:

Heather Orr 11:20 AM  

How exciting!!! I want to join!!!

You're amazing!

Heather O.

Mel's World 11:27 AM  


I would LOVE it if you would join us...go online RIGHT NOW and get t he book...reminds me of old times, like when we did GOD CHICKS!


Anonymous 9:44 PM  

God never stops a good work within're one of His biggest testaments. Praying for this, and for you.

Just Me 10:41 PM  

Hey Girl...I got the CD's of this one and the God Chicks' - good stuff! Wish I was close enough to join you, but it definitely gives me an idea of something to do with our women! Thanks!
Oh..and if you get a chance, can yo pop over to my blog, to read the post that is on there - as a pastor's wife, it may intereste you. If you feel to leave an email/comment - it would be appreciated!

Anonymous 11:59 AM  

Hola chika,
You are such an inspiration, its amazing how a few words can touch one so....

Thanks for always sharing your thoughts, dreams, and activities with us. I am so thankful for knowing you and I know that God is doing awesome things in your life.

Always praying for you and your ministry...

All the best,

Anonymous 12:01 PM  


Your blog rocks. I will definitely pick the book up. I am always looking for a good book with the Godly Women Rocks edge to it. :-)

Mel's World 12:24 PM  

Just Me...I went on your blog, sent a note to the poor PW that is in the storm, and love the fact that you are a TAKE CHARGE kind of Warrior Chick!


Mel's World 12:25 PM  

Annonymous (I think I know who YOU are),Corina and Tracy,

Thanks for being so sweet and kind in your words...God has continued to bless me with great people around me...thanks for being some of them!


Anonymous 8:45 AM  


I can't wait to start reading this book. I only wish I could join you in person for discussion and girl talk but I will most definitely be there in spirit and will be particpating via blog.

PS I's still working on my blog. I actually got a template started....wooo hoooo!

Kathy Herman

Juliana Brydon 8:08 PM  

Hi Melissa:

This is GREAT!!! you are going to have a global book club,WOW! watch out Oprah here comes Melissa. I have been reading the book and it is sooooo good. Can't wait for Friday.
Love ya! Jules

Natalia 4:56 PM  

So.... First I would like to tell you THANK YOU!!!! You were there for me when I had to bawl my eyes out and learn. Thank you!!! you're so awesome! I miss seeing your great smile! I am using the journal you gave me on an everyday basis! I love it!

2nd I wanted to tell you that I think i'm might join you on this book but i won't be able to go.... :( but i can blog..... Love ya!


Natalia 4:58 PM  


Mel's World 5:11 PM  

You guys BLOW ME awesome is it that women all around, from every walk of life, will be doing this book at the same time.

It is NOT too late to get the book and either 1)physically join us at Strabuck's, or 2) read the chapter and get involved with the online group.

See you guys THIS FRIDAY, 10/5...Melissa ;)

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