Sunday, September 17, 2006

COACHES meeting - Thursday, September 14th

Thursday night I got the COACHES together for a night at Atlanta Bread Company. In the Preschool Ministry we have about 15 chicks that have stepped up (in a BIG WAY!) to a higher level of leadership. They are the ones that I dream with, that I plan with, that help me carry out the vision that God has given me for the Preschool Ministry at Flamingo Road Church. I hold these ladies in high regard...they are my front lines. They are the ones who help me to care for the volunteer team, for the kids, and even for the parents. It is WAY TOO BIG a job for me and one other person (hey Janet).

So, I asked the chicks to meet me Thursday night...I think it may be one of the first times that we met that I didn't have a great big agenda, an outline, and specific topics to discuss. (It has come to my attention that I need to be "less" agenda"ish".) I had ONE and ONLY ONE thing to talk with them about..."DREAMS".

Sounds harmeless, and benign, but little did they know...I did my research! I found an amazing article from Leslie Parrot (Spirit Led Woman Magazine 08/09 2006 issue) called..."HOLD ON TO THE DREAM - No matter how old you are, you must have a vision for your future. Are you afraid to dream? You should be more afraid not to." WOW~!!! They had no idea where I was going with this but by the time we finished the 7 ladies that made it had cried, had shared, had a sense of deeper purpose. (Go God!). We talked and I asked them TWO you want to know what they are? Do you want see what you DREAM about? Here you go: 1) What yearning and or passion has God placed in your heart? and 2) What do you dream about?

I gave each of them a cute little candle that says "DREAMS" and I challenged them to light their candle and pray about what God wants them to do with their dreams.

Sounds simple enough...but check the next entry and see what God can do through a dream...

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